The Bacarrat Museum

May 21, 2015 § Leave a comment

The Galerie-musée Baccarat  occupies a magnificent old home on  Place des Etats-Unis 




Sitting in this room where we watched a video of the glass blowers at work was like sitting in a jewel box!  Some of the patterns and pieces in the museum exhibit have graced the tables of Royal families, Russian Czars and other dignitaries.  They are still made if you can afford them.  One glass we saw from a pattern produced for a Sultan would cost over 25,ooo euros today.





Of the more than 600 employees, only a few are designated as master artists for glass blowing and allowed to work on the more complicated designs.  We watched a video of a glass blower working with the liquid glass but you really can’t grasp what you are seeing – watching the liquid glass be shaped and formed is fascinating.

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